iPhone Wont Turn On After Battery Died Completely Fixed

Here you can know Why the iPhone Wont Turn On After Battery Died Completely and also get the better solution for this problem.

What to Do When iPhone Wont Turn on?

Every apple product such as iPhones and iPads will work properly but sometimes every technology will miss the perfection. In very rare conditions if we pressed the Power button to switch on or turn on but iPhone will not turn on or we can get the problem or error message. Here we can know what to do when iPhone wont turns on.

  • A damaged charging cable or broken charger will cause the problem of not charging. 
  • Try some other charger and then cable if available. 
How to know damaged charging cables
  • Then we can fix this iPhone wont turn on a problem on our iPhone.
  • We can easily boot again to turn on normally.
  • Here the commands can make every iPad or iPhone boot and correctly work.
  • Even if they are not working out, our gadget has several hardware errors avoiding it from booting.
  • Whenever we get iPhone wont turn on error the bellow methods can give a better solution.
The iPod Touch or iPhone can’t turn on in the case of the battery totally dead. Generally, we can see some indication of “low battery” whenever we need to turn ON the iOS gadget and it may not have sufficient battery. Sometimes iPhone wont charge and this will make the problem.

If the battery is completely dead, even it can’t respond and we can see the black screen on our Apple gadget. Connect iPhone or iPad to the charger and then it will charge for few minutes. If the battery is totally dead, we can’t expect it to respond quickly by plug in it. Wait for few minutes to charge and then it will turn on itself. Ensure the charger is working or not.

Hold Power and Home buttons to Perform the Hard Reset:

iPhones and iPads may be struck completely just like any other normal computers. If such things happen the Power and Home buttons can’t do anything. Perform the “hard reset” to solve this. By doing this we can solve my iPhone wont turn on due to my iPhone wont charge problem.
  • For this, press the Power and Home buttons at a time.
iphone wont turn on
Press Home and Power button together

  • Hold them for a while.
  • In this case, the iphone 6 not turning on, press and hold the Power as well as the volume down button.
  • Just hold the both buttons until we get the Apple logo on our iPhone screen.
The logo must stay up to 10 to 20 seconds after we hold the buttons. After the Apple logo displays, iPhone or iPad can boot up normally. The Power button also helps to the Sleep/Wake gadget that basically turns the screen on and off. After this, we can resolve this iPhone wont turn on a problem in the easiest way.

Restore the iOS Operating System With the help of iTunes:

iPhones and iPads that can’t turn on easily when it has no enough battery power or stuck the operating system. Sometimes gadgets screen will turn on and it can display an error. Here we can resolve why wont my iphone turn on.

The screen shows the logo which is the combination of the USB cable and an iTunes logo. This “Connect to iTunes” message shows whenever the iOS software of the iPhone or iPad is corrupted or damaged.

To get the device back to working and booting normally and solve this iPhone wont turn on the error, we need to restore its iOS. Now connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer using iTunes. We can watch a message says iTunes detected a gadget in recovery mode.
  • iTunes may show the “there is a problem” with device “that requires it to be updated or restored.”
  • Probably we may need to “restore” which can download the latest iOS version from Apple store and install it on the gadget.
How to restore the iPhone

  • The restore procedure can clean up the data and files on iPhone or iPad, but they already unreachable if device unable to boot.
  • We can get back the data from an iCloud backup as well as we can fix the iPhone wont turn on problem.
If anything here not worked correctly, then iPhone or iPad has some hardware error. If gadget still has the warranty, take this to the nearest Apple Store or we can just contact the Apple and get them to identify and fix the problem. here we can also get the idea about why wont my iPhone charge?

Finally, I conclude that here we can solve iPhone wont turn on the problem quickly and also fix the issue iPhone not charging.Here you can know Why the iPhone Wont Turn On After Battery Died Completely and also get the better solution for this problem. Here we can also get the solution for the iPhone 6 won t turn on. Mostly iPad wont turn on problem occurs due to iPad won t charge correctly.

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